Zombie Killer Squad – Review, Cheats and Tips

Zombie Killer Squad, an awesome on-the-go zombie run away game. The simple lane-based, behind-the-back, endless runner similar to the successful Temple Run. To control your chosen character you swipe to change direction, jump or barrel roll. Your character has their own gun, which starts as a shotgun and from a recent update, you can now upgrade your guns with the coins you collect. 

Red Dead Redemption (Game of the year edition) – Secret Trophies [PS3]

ps3_trophiesI’ve got myself back into the Red Dead Redemption, and decided to help others out with that huge list of ‘secret trophies’.

bronze_trophy_render_by_lifesii-d4jn3uqThat Government Boy (Bronze) – Complete ‘Exodus In America’.

bronze_trophy_render_by_lifesii-d4jn3uqLand of Opportunity (Bronze) – Complete ‘Assault on Fort Mercer’.

bronze_trophy_render_by_lifesii-d4jn3uqSons of Mexico (Bronze) – Complete ‘The Gates of El Presidio’.

bronze_trophy_render_by_lifesii-d4jn3uqNo More fancy words (Bronze) – Complete ‘An Appointed Time’.

bronze_trophy_render_by_lifesii-d4jn3uqA Savage Soul (Bronze) – Complete ‘At home with Dutch’.

bronze_trophy_render_by_lifesii-d4jn3uqThe Benefits of Civilization (Bronze) – Complete ‘And the truth will set you free’.

bronze_trophy_render_by_lifesii-d4jn3uqInto the sunset (Bronze) – Complete ‘The last enemy that shall be destroyed’.

bronze_trophy_render_by_lifesii-d4jn3uqNurture or Nature? (Bronze) – Complete ‘Remember my family’.

bronze_trophy_render_by_lifesii-d4jn3uqManifest Destiny (Bronze) – Kill the last buffalo in the Great Plains in Single Player.

bronze_trophy_render_by_lifesii-d4jn3uqDastardly (Bronze) – Place a hogtied woman on  the train tracks, and witness her death by train (OUCH!)

bronze_trophy_render_by_lifesii-d4jn3uqSpurred to Victory (Bronze) – Complete  20 story missions without switching to a new horse at a hitching post.

bronze_trophy_render_by_lifesii-d4jn3uqHeading south on a white bronco  (Bronze) – Evade the US marshals while rising the Hungarian Half-Bred horse in single player.

reddeadredemption_marston3_1920x1080 (1)

Written by Cathy Eglington