Tom Beeson

I have been an avid gamer pretty much all of my life, beginning with consoles such as the Sega Saturn, SNES and gameboy colour. Games such as Golden Axe, Pokémon (of course!) and The Legend of Zelda piqued my interests most. However after getting a playstation at an extremely young age, in the early-mid 90′s, playing games such as Crash Bandicoot actually helped me learn how to read. None of those weird words-on-paper thingumajigs, just good old fashioned gaming! I have had near enough every single console to come out since then, apart from the very first black and white gameboy. This gave me a good range of games and console exclusives to play and love throughout the years, but one that has really sunk into my gaming glands is The Legend of Zelda, and is still a current favourite even today. I have successfully played and completed every major Zelda title released. My gaming doesn’t stop there though! I love a good RPG, with the Fable series being a particular favourite, as well as Mass Effect and Fallout (Bethesda’s version, that is), but I don’t shy away from a first-person shooter like Halo or Call of Duty. I love all sorts of games and will gladly try any to widen my gaming pallet. I study music technology (BSc) and, unsurprisingly, wish to be a part of the gaming industry some day.

Current Consoles: In my possession, the list is too long… But currently Xbox 360, Xbox One and 3DS

Favourite Game: Of all time or currently? I’ll go with ‘of all time’. Although it’s hard to pick one particular game, The Legend of Zelda has to be a long standing favourite. I will always be a fan!

Game which has made you ‘lose your cool’: Halo tends to make me very angry, but not to the extent of calling ‘HAX’… However I tend to curse and shout at most games I play.

Favourite Retro Game: The first generation Pokémon is an obvious choice. I started on the SNES and Sega Megadrive, so many of those games I played as a young child. Wonder Boy In Monster World was also a childhood Sega-favourite, for any of you who know or remember that game!

Future Console: Possibly the Playstation 4. I may look into a Wii U too for any future Zelda games Nintendo may release!


This is how I play games so I don’t screen look!


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