FIFA 15 Review


FIFA 15 – So this review probably should have come out a week ago, but as I have been both playing the game, and working, it is sort of a, week into the game review.

I’m going to say now, if you’ve played FIFA 14 or own it, the difference in games won’t be as noticeable. That’s because the question has to be asked, how much can a game such as FIFA actually change in a year? There is the added emotions and the graphics are still a step up considering it’s the first proper next gen FIFA. 

So FIFA 15, what’s it like and why should you buy it?

FIFA 15 is a great football simulator. The players, the pitch, the stadiums, the actual physics and movement are all extremely realistic – exactly as a Football simulator in this day and age should be. But it is more than that. It is a game that draws you in and doesn’t let go when its got you.

I have played every FIFA game since FIFA Football 1998 (played not owned!) and this is the biggest step I have seen. For the first time playing FIFA, it almost feels as if I’m spectating an actual game. The UI is great (again, FIFA 14 players, the difference probably isn’t that big for you) and easy to find your way round.

Everything is very intuitive and it is fun to play. It’s difficult to rate a game like FIFA, so let’s do it like this:

Graphics: 8/10 – They are sharp, vibrant and the players actually look quite life like. It won’t be lo long until people are convinced that it is a real football game on television. The pitch wear is one of the graphical elements I love, and it works so well in the different weather conditions.

Gameplay: 8/10 – Obviously this is going to depend on whether you like football, or at least whether you like playing it on a games console, but for me, the gameplay has improved dramatically over the last few years and there are a lot less glitches and impossible goals scored. So far, I have actually struggled to play certain teams and it really shows that different teams have different playing styles that reflect the real life team and players and that is a great touch!

Rage Factor: 10/10 – Every time I play FIFA 15, I want to throw my controller at the screen! Don’t get me wrong, this is a great indicator – if I want to get angry at it, I have some sort of emotion towards it, and when I rage this much, it must be good! Normally on games, I curse a bit and get on with it, rarely would I actually rage or even rage-quit over it, but there are online games that make me want to rage-quit – I don’t like losing 7-1…

Online Play: 7/10 – The online play is extremely good. The way that seasons work is great and it actually gives you a motive to win. This is nothing that new to FIFA but I like that it is still there and has been improved. What I don’t like is that everyone plays as the same teams. The only teams I have played so far are: Chelsea, Arsenal, Barcelona, PSG and Liverpool. Okay, this isn’t FIFAs fault and technically if I play as a 1-star team, I will play more low grade teams, but when I have tried this, it just struggled to find a match. A good way of combatting this could have been to introduce seasons where you pick a better team as you promote through the ranks. So, Division 10 might be 1-2 star teams only, Division 9 & 8, 2-3 stars only etc etc.

Overall: 8/10 – This verdict won’t please everyone, but as far as FIFA 15 goes, it is a high levelled Football Simulator that is great fun and is the most realistic football game yet in so many ways; the way players move, emote celebrate, the way the players look, the detail of the stadiums, the commentary, the broadcast like UI and the pitch wear as you get more into the game. It’s everything you might expect and there are a few factors that could make it that little bit better, but wow, what a game!


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