Xbox Live Games with Gold: September 2014


Games with Gold

Xbox Live Games with Gold: September 2014

It’s time for more free Xbox games, well, from tomorrow anyway. 

There are four free games in September, but actually one of the Xbox One games is the same as last month, so really it’s three free games if you have already downloaded all of the games from August. 

Today is the last chance to get your hands on Dishonored without paying £14.99, so if you haven’t got it, get it now!

Let’s move on to the games that you can get, starting tomorrow (1st September).

On Xbox 360, the free games kick off with an arcade game called  Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine – this is something of a ‘stealth’ action game that gives players a top-down view. That will be available until around the 15th September. The second X360 game is Halo: Reach – A game which sees the player go back to the Halo Universe, but not as Masterchief, but as a Spartan Officer. A great game with a good campaign and the same awesome multiplayer as featured on all of the Halo games. You can download this from 16th September until the end of the month. 

As for Xbox One, the game that will remain free is Crimson Dragon, so if you haven’t got it yet, you have another month to do so. Also coming your way, Xbox One owners, is Super Time Force, another fun arcade game that is worth a download.

So to clarify:

  • Crimson Dragon (Xbox One – All month)
  • Super Time Force (Xbox One – All month)
  • Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine (Xbox 360 – 1st September – 15th September)
  • Halo: Reach (Xbox 360 – 16th September – 30th September)

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