Xbox Live Games with Gold: August 2014



Good news; it’s the summer holidays and you get FREE games! That’s assuming you own an Xbox 360 and/or and Xbox One – there’s a total of four free games up for grabs!

For Xbox One this month, there’s a cool looking game about… you guessed it, dragons!

Crimson Dragon is available from tomorrow (1st August), right through the month. It was originally a launch title but now it’s freeeeee.

The second Xbox One game that you can claim for absolutely nothing (that is of course dependant on having an Xbox Live Gold Membership), is a game that was originally funded on Kick Starter; Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut sees you in space as a pilot fighting some epic battles.

The games that are available on Xbox 360 are so bad either. From the 1st of August, through to the 15th, you can get Motocross Madness, a fun arcade game where you get to race off-road motorcycles.

From the 16th, another good game comes your way for free. Dishonored is described as a steampunk stealth/action title that has a mix of challenges that can be approached in many different ways, so take your time and think about how you play!

So there you have it, and incase you are just looking for a quick bit of information, here they are listed:

Crimson Dragon (1st-31st August), Xbox One

Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut (1st-31st August), Xbox One

Motocross Madness: (1st-15th August), Xbox 360

Dishonored (16th-31st August), Xbox 360

Enjoy the free games!


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