Halo & COD collection rumours


This week has seen a couple of big announcements in the gaming world. Halo 5: Guardians has officially been revealed and with that comes the rumour of a Master Chief Games collection, thought to include Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, Halo 3 and Halo 4, remastered for the Xbox One. More recently, a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare collection has also been ‘leaked’ on Reddit as being created for the next generation consoles.Starting with the ‘Halo Collection’, what are the chances of it being real? Well, now that Halo 5 has been announced for next year, there is a good chance there is something in the works for 2014 release, just to keep the Halo fans happy. Original thoughts were that the Halo game released in 2014 would be Halo 2, remastered for Xbox One and potentially Xbox 360. There have been various comments on this prospect but no additional information has been added since.

I believe it is almost a certainty that we will see Halo 2 re-released for Xbox One this year, given the ten year anniversary, but whether that is as part of a Master Chief collection or a stand alone game is a different case. It would make sense to release a collection as it would give fans a chance to replay the epic story of Master Chief before he features in his fifth title next year, but this would have been in the making for a long time, and has been kept very quiet. We’ll most likely find out at E3 in a few weeks time, and as much as I’d like the collection to be real, I am betting more on the single edition Halo 2 game. That would still be great news for Halo fans, so keep an eye out!


Now onto the Call of Duty Modern Warfare Collection… this is a rumour that first appeared on Reddit, not the most trusted source, but sometimes hits the nail on the head. So what’s it all about? The COD MW Collection would supposedly have the three games from the Modern Warfare series and would concentrate on the campaign. Given that this is has a good chance of being fake, it is difficult to say whether there would be online play and if so, which games and maps it comes from.

As much as some people would love this collection to be real, including myself (MW and MW2 were two of my favourite FPS campaigns and online play), there is a good chance it will never see the light of day. The advert, as seen above, could be real, but doesn’t look as sharp as you might expect and with that, it states the release date as the 25th November 2014, just 21 days after the release of Call of Duty Advance Warfare. It seems a bit strange that they would be released so closely together.

The reason the Halo collection is more believable is based on the fact that it would come out around a year before the new Halo game giving players time to replay the older games and get excited for the new game. The Call of Duty collection would be released after the new game. The hype would already be there. The only way I can see this being real, was if it was released last November. As much as I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this COD collection, you shouldn’t believe everything you see on Reddit!

I guess more information about both of these collections will be revealed in a couple of weeks at E3 and we’ll keep you updated as more news comes our way!

Written by Alex Maidment


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