To Buy or Not to Buy… PS4 vs. Xbox One


So everyday, something new about the PS4 or Xbox One (X1) is revealed or talked about, whether it is about the consoles themselves or the games, and it is getting me both excited and nervous and is pushing the question, to buy or not to buy?

In a perfect world I would have pre-ordered both consoles by now but there is no way i have the money for both and the games! To be brutally honest, I am fighting the idea of even pre-ordering one of them. 

The reveals for both of these consoles were… interesting. Sony went for the lets show off everything but the actual console, and Microsoft went in all guns blazing, for me, neither were brilliant but I actually preferred the Xbox One reveal as it was short, sweet and we actually saw the console. Then comes E3! And we find out more about the consoles and finally the prices. Suddenly, I want a PS4! With the cheaper price tag and the better hardware with better rules about 2nd hand gaming and ‘always online’.

So there you have it, I am considering a PS4 and just waiting until I have the money to pre-order and BAM! Microsoft have their big u-turn and suddenly the X1 has no DRM or Used-games policies. Okay, it is still more expensive but it comes with the awesome Kinect sensor… back to square one!

I am now struggling to decide which console to pre-order/buy before they sell out (as they have in some places already), and more to the point whether to bother at all for the time being. I will eventually get a new console, and according to my How Do I Game bio, I am getting an Xbox One, and this is ultimately the console I will probably buy, a decision some people will call me an idiot for, I’m sure.

But the biggest advantage for me getting an X1 is I get to keep my Gamer Profile going that I have spent years creating on the 360. Next dilemma… do I bother with Day One? The way I see it is, I already have a 360 with a nice games library, and all of the new games in October-December will be on 360 (FIFA 14, COD: Ghosts, Battlefield 4, AC4 etc.) and I can currently afford them. If I get an X1, I can probably only afford a max. of two games, meaning I am spending £500+ for a console I can only play two games on. With this, I will surely be playing my 360 more, so what it the point in getting an X1? I don’t have a 4K TV so graphics won’t be any different… The main games and exclusives I want aren’t out until Spring 2014 onwards (Titanfall, Halo (5?), Star Wars Battlefront, Tom Clancy’s The Division etc.).

So, do I just wait, get the games I want on 360, trade in 360 and all games in Spring 2014, get X1 and games I had plus new ones for X1 meaning I can get some of them pre-owned (yay!) and save money or just bite the bullet and get the X1 on release for Day One edition? A tough question and decision which will most likely come down to spur of the moment purchase…

Despite my indecisiveness, what I would advise to anyone in a similar position is to put a deposit down for a console with a shop that will transfer your pre-order money to another item if you don’t want the console. Game in the UK do this, so if you decide against the next-gen, you can put the money towards a game for the current gen.

Written by Alex Maidment


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